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GSDs in Need Australia Inc is Australia's largest German Shepherd rescued and is funded by donations.  We receive no government funding so are dependent on the German Shepherd loving public.

As a breed specific rescue our focus is on the German Shepherds who need us the most - those with behavioural and medical issues.

We take German Shepherds who have failed their Behavioural Assessments from pounds and shelters throughout Australia.  We are based in Logan, Qld and lease a kennel property from K9 Masterclass so our dogs benefit from having Scott Donald an internationally qualified trainer to help assess, evaluate and rehabilitate our dogs.

We give the dogs that come here the space and time they need to rebuild their broken hearts and heal their souls.  Many have behavioural issues due to neglect and abuse.  Sadly it would seem that the general public who do not understand the breed see German Shepherds as "hard dogs" and do not understand the intelligence, sensitivity and loyalty of the breed.

Our dogs are with us for as long as it takes and often it takes us many months to rehabilitate them - but we do and they end up in the home that suits them best be that a working home or in a loving family environment.

Our running costs are high but our results speak for themselves.  We are always looking for volunteers - if you are interested please email qldadmin@gsdsinneed.com.au but please remember we are run by unpaid volunteers who devote most of their time to looking after the dogs in our care.

Those who live in SEQ sometimes like to drop items in for our dogs.  They like the following:

Roast Chickens - our dogs look forward to weekends and the aroma of roast chicken floats around the kennels.

Chicken Necks

Chicken Frames

Raised Beds

Metal Buckets (our dogs prefer new ones so we know no chemicals have been in them)

Toys suitable for German Shepherds

Towels and in winter blankets and dog jackets


Our motto is

"The German Shepherd, To Care for One is an Honour, To Rescue is a Privilege"


To our dogs it is an honour and privilege to care for you.






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