Socialisation Courses

Here at GSDs in Need Australia we board and rehabilitate our dogs at the German Shepherd Rehabilitation and Training Centre in Berrinba which is in Logan in South East Qld.

We are offering socialisation courses run by the German Shepherd Training and Rehabilitation Centre

Most of the dogs who come here have failed behavioural assessments for dog and/or human aggression.  Through the use of our rehabilitation dogs we are able to introduce most (but not all) dogs, building up to socialising them in larger groups.

Do you have a dog that is fearful of others and you'd like them to feel more comfortable around other dogs?  This is a controlled environment where your dog can come to make friends whilst being supervised by those who have rehabilitated many of our dogs.

Ideally we'd like your dog to do a course if they are not good with other dogs here for a week (ideally two for those who have high levels of reactivity) and then they can come here to socialise and you can drop them off for the day or sit back and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee whilst you see your dog having fun with others

The courses start at $350 for a week


To find out more please email or phone 0475 860 123